Longarm Quilters

Longarm Quilters

Are You In Need of a Longarm Quilter?

Listed below are TVQG members who have a quilting business and would like to talk to you about your quilting needs.

If you are a TVQG member & would like to have your business information added to this list please reach out at info@tvqg.org, thanks!

Aleta Campbell,  AletasCloset@yahoo.com 

Susan Corbett, susancorbett@sbcglobal.net  817-361-7762

Joyce Erwin,  joyce.erwin@att.net  817-688-3254

Nancy Gengler,  ngengler@outlook.com  817-564-3869

Jessica Harper,  jessicasquilts@gmail.com  817-919-6389

Miriam Hink,  quilter248@gmail.com  817-454-1322

Lisa Lerner,  comfortandjoyquiltshop@outlook.com  817-235-7765

Mona Levingston,  monaquilter@sbcglobal.net  817-235-9188

Kathryn Pate,  beadedcrazyquilt@gmail.com  819-941-6003

Joy and Mark Schilling stitchesofjoyquilting@gmail.com  817-991-9910